Phoebe Bridgers falls to the bottom, screams wildly and smashes her guitar on SNL, see video

If Saturday Night Live were giving out prizes, Phoebe Bridgers would get one after last night's performance. But don't worry, she has four Grammys slated for March 14, 2021, and there's an excellent chance she'll win one, two, or four. When you see the video from SNLYou will see why.

At just 26, Phoebe is expressing the best indie rock has to offer – creative freedom! Phoebe played two songs on the show: "Kyoto" and "I Know The End". She proved that her style was entirely hers and she owned this stage like no other.

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Now the video for the second song she performed with "I Know The End" goes viral.

The song starts out sweet and gentle, with Phoebe delivering each word in soft, breathless tones. Her texts are modern prose that can be recited in a poetry jam as well as sung melodically. It's the end of the song where the music changes gears and Phoebe shows off her guitar skills.

After reaching the final chorus, Phoebe started jamming on her guitar, moving around on stage, and having a guitar duel with one of her band members. Phoebe then dropped to her knees in a real rocker way while continuing to jam on her guitar. Then she let out a wild, guttural scream in an ode to the true punk rock seniors who paved the way into the genre.

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She swung her guitar over her and smashed this pup like Pete Townshend was sitting in the front row cheering her on. It was a bit of the best of all worlds (indie, hard rock and punk) in one great show.

You can see Phoebe Bridgers live performing "I Know The End" live on Saturday night on February 6, 2021, below.

Here is Phoebe Bridgers' first performance for the night: "Kyoto".

What do you think of Phoebe Bridgers' Saturday Night Live performances? Are you a fan of the musician?

What do you think of their performance of "I Know The End"? Did you find it smashed?

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