Petit Biscuits ‘Parachute Remix LP’ includes Big Gigantic, Jai Wolf, Malaa & More [LISTEN]

Little biscuit ‘s Parachute Remix LP has arrived and opens up 12 new perspectives around the producer’s latest masterpiece. Parachute.

The fascinating work of the classically trained artist Petit Biscuit is completely reinterpreted by other producers Big Huge, Malaa, Yeah wolf, Dragging magic, Tony Romera and more. While some of these remixes have premiered, much of this stunning collection can be enjoyed for the first time.

The variety of sounds that can be heard here is truly unmatched as Parachute Remixed crosses various electronic / dance sub-genres and mixes of styles. From the driving energy of Malaa’s takeover of “Pick Your Battles” with Diplo to Tony Romera’s down-and-funky remix for the title track “Parachute” to the dazzling atmospheres that Jai Wolf created with “Drivin Thru The Night”, the Parachute, Remix LP is full of exuberant productions.

Petit Biscuit Shares of Publication:

The entire ‘Parachute’ album was remixed by artists and friends I love. Each remix is ​​different to show how rich the electronic music scene is. I want to thank everyone for bringing your touch to make this album!


Petit Biscuit – Fallschirm Remix LP

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