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OSRS Hosidius Favor Guide

Oct 29

There are several ways to gain the Hosidius favor, and some of these include taking on OSRS quests or planting their seeds. This guide will tell you everything that there is about gaining their trust.

By looking into the ways in which you can gain favor with Hosidius, we will discover what benefits come from gaining their support. There are a few options for doing so and each one is beneficial to the player's experience within Runescape and can also help you earn some OSRS gold.

How to Gain OSRS Hosidius Favor

Ploughing Fields

Using the plow, to begin with, is an easy way to get started. You just have to push it back and forth on top of the soil, which will help you gain favor in the town square while also gaining some farming experience along the way!

If you look to the southeast of Hosidius, you should be able to find a plough. The vinery is located just south-west and north-west from there. If that's too far for your skills necklace teleport then head east towards an altar before going north into the Woodcutting guild area where it can also be found in abundance.


There are a couple of materials that will get you started on making sulphurous fertilizer. In order to make the fertilizer, you'll need saltpetre and compost which can be found in different places around Gielinor. Saltpetre is located east from the Woodcutting guild or can also be traded with other players who have it stored up their inventories already. To find some compost, there's a spade for digging down southwest near Lumbridge swamps where Konoo resides as he offers spare tools.

Once you’ve combined the compost with saltpetre, visit the Clerk in the building nearby. Handing him 5% of your fertilizer buckets will earn 0.1& favor for each bucket and it takes 950 to gain 100%. With 31,350 coins as a price tag (to put this into perspective), The Depths of Despair must be completed first before that is possible which might take some time!

The Depths of Despair Quest

Once you're at 20% favor with Hosidius, the Depths of Despair quest will become available. You'll need to have finished Client of Kourend first and be level 18 in Agility too. When completed successfully, you can receive a Hosidyus Favor Certificate that grants 10% extra favor for doing so.

The Mess Hall

Cooking buffs are available for Shayzien soldiers after cooking food in the mess hall. You will be cooking either stew, pineapple pizza, or meat pie based on your level of cooking skill (20/25/65). Buffs include higher combat levels and better experience rates when training skills at certain locations.

Grape Seeds

To get to 65%, we can farm saltpetre and grape seeds on a vine patch. You'll need 36 farming for every seed you plant, which will give 0.8% favor per seed planted (you should be able to figure out how many grapes each harvest yields).