On Kristin Cavallari's LA Date Evening with Jeff Dye

Another month, another city, another Kristin Cavallari and Jeff Dye Excursion.

The new reality star was seen kissing the comedian in Chicago back in October. Almost exactly four weeks later, the unusual James founder and the funny man crossed paths again, except this time in Los Angeles. Although they were not photographed together, the two were held separately at Craig & # 39; s hot spot in West Hollywood on Monday, November 9, according to The Daily Mail.

Inside "Kristin was with two other friends," a source told E! Messages, "and Jeff didn't stay the whole time. He sat next to Kristin and sat down at the table for a couple of hours, then walked in front of Kristin. It looked like Jeff casually joined the group to sit down a bit." . "

In the end, however, he stayed at the table for "much of the dinner", the source said. And judging by their behavior, it doesn't sound like it matters. "Kristin and Jeff had big smiles on their faces and were excited to see each other," the source described. "They hugged a lot and he was sitting right next to her. The whole table was laughing and it seemed like a funny conversation. Jeff was joking and everyone was in a great mood."

Despite a lack of PDA, "they sat close together," the source said, "and talked to each other most of the time."

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