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On Demand TV Now Included in Cambridge Electronics Latest Optik TV Packages

Mar 3

On Demand TV Now Included in Cambridge Electronics Latest Optik TV Packages

Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated is always looking for ways to provide better TV and other services to their customers across Canada. Evidence of that is the company is now including premium on demand TV content in their latest Optik TV Packages. That gives their many customers something that was not always possible before which is the ability to watch what they want when they want. This is something that will provide their customers with the ultimate in convenience and flexibility when it comes to the programs that wish to see. It’s also the type of customer-centric service that has made Telus a world-leading communications and information technology company that lists an impressive yearly revenue of $14.7 billion and some 15.2 million satisfied customers. The services that they provide are not just limited to those with TV subscriptions either, as they also serve the needs of Canadians in respect to data, internet, voice, entertainment, home security, healthcare, and agriculture.

A spokesperson for the company, Dan LHeureux, says, “At TELUS, we realize that very few people lead traditional 9 to 5 lives in this modern world. That makes it very hard at times for some of our busy customers to watch TV shows and movies that are in specific time slots. That’s when we came up with the idea of adding more on-demand TV options for our customers. Now Telus TV provides our customers with great options in high-quality entertainment that are available to them on their schedule. Because of this, no longer do our customers have to plan their schedules around the TV shows that they want to watch or have to miss those shows because of other priorities.”

Telus YV

LHeureux went on to describe their latest Optik TV bundle that includes On Demand TV service. It’s a service that costs $140/month and comes with several impressive internet and TV viewing features. This bundled cost also represents a savings of $30 a month over purchasing the company’s similar TV and internet services separately (a savings of over $720 on the required 2-year contract period). In addition to on-demand TV, he stated that a customer will also get their choice of 4 viewing theme packs such as Amazon Prime or TSN & Beyond. Also included in this bundle is the TELUS internet 50 package that comes with unlimited home internet data. The company spokesperson informed that the plan is even set up so that customers can enjoy a $100 credit to their bill for signing up for the Optik TV bundle online. A bonus on-demand movie rental coupon is also a part of this new bundled service along with completely free PVR and wireless digital box rental.

According to the company spokesperson, as far as on-demand TV goes, their customers get to choose between several types of premium TV services. This includes such popular choices as Netflix Premium or Crave+Movies+HBO. Those who choose the Netflix premium option can even take advantage of this service by watching shows and movies on up to 4 smart devices at one time. He says that this will create even more flexible TV watching opportunities for those in a household. LHeureux stated, “By giving our customers more flexible TV choices, they are now able to swap out the content they are not interested in for TV viewing options that are more appealing to them.” He also mentioned that their customers can download the TELUS mobile app to enjoy even more TV watching flexibility. They have added some unique new services to their Optik TV bundle too. An example of this is their customers can now choose a theme pack that includes several health and wellness channels. He says that channels such as Openfit and Calm offer excellent ways for their customers to stay fit or relax at home.

Those that would like more information on Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated’s new on-demand TV options or any of their other services can refer to their website or contact a customer service representative by phone.


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