Offset reacts to Snoop Dogg: I don't get into the ladies's enterprise !!

During a recent interview, Snoop Dogg has a few words to say about Cardi B's raunchy "WAP" single – but her husband does things that should keep Snoop out of the women's business.

"I love Snoop, man. [Cardi B is] an adult. I don't get into women's business so I just stick with it. I hate it when men do that. I don't. I don't." I don't care if a girl said something bad about me. I just can't get into the women's business, "he told TMZ.


"As rappers, we talk about the same sh * t. It's a lot of empowerment from women. Don't shoot it. We have never had so many female artists who let this sh * t run. They catch up with us, go to us." stop by and put in "That's two women on one record, which is a very successful record," he added.

Offset doesn't want to smoke with Snoop:

"I really fuck with Snoop, on a personal level. So I could call him personally and say, 'Snoop, come on.' I don't want to look like I'm with Snoop, this is mine Boy. But at the same time, all men should stay out of the women's business. That's the women's business. You won't have a victory. Your comments It probably looks crazy just saying that. Stay out of the women's business. Women are now strong. We should uplift our women. Don't say what they can and cannot do. "

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