Nurses on NBC: Price the Premiere


If you've ever wondered about the unannounced support staff behind Grey's Anatomy documents, NBC's stateside debut of the Canadian drama Nurses is for you.

The premiere follows five nurses on their first day at work in a major Toronto hospital, where they are informed that they are a different race than residents when it comes to treating patients: “These rock stars make them healthy. We make them important, ”says head nurse Sinead (Viking Cathy White) of her new charges. Then they are plunged into trauma almost instantly when they walk in victim of an attack on a nearby art college.

Let's meet up with the group now: Tiera Skovbye (Riverdale) plays the kindhearted Grace Knight who delivers the Meredith Gray-esque voice-over of the show. For mysterious reasons, no doubt revealed to us later, she used to work in the operating room, but no longer, and she definitely doesn't want to explain why she met the handsome Dr. Evan Wallace (When Hope calls Ryan-James Hatanaka). While they are treating their patient – who turns out to be the perpetrator of the attack – Dr. Wallace Grace for help transforming himself into a human blood bank as he is a universal donor. According to protocol, Grace asks him about his sexual history. But lest you believe these two are going home together, Grace ends the episode by calling another guy (Degrassi: Raymond Ablack of The Next Generation) who apologizes and says that his fiancée got home early . Twist!

Newbies also include Keon Colby (upload and suits vet Jordan Johnson-Hinds), a retired college football player who quickly became known as the guy who couldn't pinpoint a baby's heartbeat but a very big one of his own He has heart connects with his mother. Joining him and Grace is Nazneen Khan (Sandy Sidhu of Legends of Tomorrow), a self-described "egghead" who unexpectedly spends her first day in intensive care with a mentally ill victim and his grieving mother. and Ashley Collins (Natasha Calis of The Firm), who is definitely the group's trauma junkie. Therefore, of course, she is tasked with informing family members.

The final nurse is Wolf Burke (Donald MacLean Jr. of Workin 'Moms), who spends most of his time carrying around a cooler with two severed fingers while desperately searching for its owner. Although it will be too late to reattach the fingers by the time Wolf finds him, the recently married owner is just happy to be alive and to get his wedding ring back from Wolf, who gives him his own chain to hang on. "That goes far beyond that," the man says to Wolf in a sweet moment.

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