NikkieTutorials Says Arrests Have Been Made four Months After “Traumatizing” Theft at Gunpoint

“I’m writing this message for now to let you know that we are ‘okay’ and safe,” she closed. “Thank you for understanding as I take the next couple of days to myself.”

According to the local authorities, at least three suspects fled the scene in a beige car toward the A50 motorway. Law enforcement also revealed that one person “suffered injuries.” However, they didn’t identify or specify who. It’s unknown at this time who they’ve arrested.

A week later, Nikkie opened up the experience in a detailed YouTube video, in which she described the incident as one of her “worst nightmares.”

“Some of you have followed me for years,” she began her video at the time, “and if you’ve been following me for years, you know that 2020 has been a ride. In these years, I got to do some of the most amazing things, but also shared my darkest days with you…and I can tell you today is one of those dark days.”

“A couple of days ago, Dylan and I were part of one of my worst nightmares,” she continued. “We were robbed at gunpoint at our own home and, even though I can’t tell you too much because there’s still a very ongoing investigation, I do want to let you know that I am ok. I may not look like I’m ok right now, but I’m ok.”

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