Nicki Minaj Reveals New Particulars About Her Three-Month-Previous Son’s Delivery

Nicki Minaj finally gave The Barbz what they really wanted.

The new mommy took to Twitter on Wednesday, Dec. 30 to answer fans’ questions about her newborn son. 

One follower asked if the baby boy—whose name is not yet known but is affectionately called “Papa Bear”—kicked a lot during the rapper’s pregnancy. “He used to kick me so hard every night at the same time if I didn’t get up & walk with him,” she replied. “He had a full personality in my tummy & knew how to get his way. It was so intriguing to me. He does the same thing now.”

Followers were also curious about her labor process. The 38-year-old went into detail about the moment her water broke in which she eluded to the fact that her husband of one year, Kenneth Petty, wasn’t the calmest in the situation.

“Yes. I was butt naked,” Nicki wrote. “Just got out the shower & I asked him to rub my back. As soon as I started scooting over to him in the bed I just felt the water start coming out. I was weirdly calm & I quietly said ‘omg, I’m about to be in labor’ He was very scared & I was laughing @ him.” 

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