NEW TREND: Lady Injects Rooster Broth To Get A Greater Butt !! (Video)

There is a dangerously growing trend all over the world. Women inject chicken broth into their buttocks to help their cakes grow.

MTO News learned that this trend, which started in Africa, has spread to the Caribbean, and now some women in the southern US are even using this "butt augmentation hack" to get a cheap bigger butt.

The new "hack" enables women to get bigger asses through injections without surgery and without scarring on their buttocks.

Here is a video that shows a journalist explaining exactly how it's done.

The process is very simple. The chicken stock cube is crushed and liquefied into a thick paste, which is then poured into a syringe. The women successfully bring the mixture into their bodies through anal injury. The supply is believed to cause the tissues in the lower body to swell and form a thick blister that looks better.

So does it work? According to the hundreds of social media posts shown before and after pictures, the answer seems to be yes.

But doctors claim that the process can be very dangerous. Injecting foreign solutions through the anus can lead to serious illness.

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