New Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser promises “something very special” – in the most ominous way possible

Dad has a brand new bag in the Stranger Things Season 4 trailer that Netflix dropped on Thursday … only this brand new bag looks very similar his age.

If what we see is actually the back of Martin Brenner’s mind as he enters a kindergarten for teenagers with special skills, not only is the mad scientist back, he’s back in the business of the Hawkins Laboratory (or similar facility). . And as if it wasn’t scary enough that the kids call him daddy, like Elf did, he promises that he has “something very special” planned for them today. (Shudder.)

Slowly, oh so slowly, the camera pans down the corridor and focuses again on room number 11. “Eleven, are you listening?” Asks a voice that sounds a lot like Matthew Modines. And with that, Jane gasps and her eyes open as if she’d heard a ghost.

While the latest episode of Matt and Ross Duffer’s’ 80s set has not yet premiered, production resumed last fall in Georgia, damned the likelihood of a 2021 release somewhere between “good” and “doomed.” good “lies. As previously reported, the new cast of season four include Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund as the particularly frightening insane and Game of Thrones alum Tom Wlaschiha as one of Hopper’s Russian kidnappers. (Get the details on the other cast additions here.)

To test the new teaser, simply press PLAY in the video above. Then hit the comments with your hopes (and fears) for season 4. Do you think Dad has Elf back on his feet, or is she just hearing him in her mind?

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