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After numerous rumors and false starts, including those from Oddball authors like Quentin Tarantino and Noah Hawleyit looks like a new one Star Trek Film finally jumps past the stratosphere – and maybe to Paramount +?

By the deadline, Star Trek: Discovery writer Kalinda Vazquez is the script for a new Star Trek film for Paramount Pictures and is writing JJ Abrams‘Bad robot. While other details are sparse – including whether Abrams will step back behind the wheel even after directing 2009 Star Trek and 2013 Star Trek Into Darkness – Here’s what we know.

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Vazquez, who is actually named after a character from the original episode of the Star Trek series “By Any Other Name,” has been writing for Discovery beginning with season 3, including episodes such as “Terra Firma, Part 2” (other TV drama credits Once Upon a time and fear of the walking dead). Your Star Trek film was bought by Paramount through their blind deal with the studio, which represents that studio’s desire to venture into the Star Trek universe – and to push Vazquez, whose vision they clearly enjoy, further into it. This is pure speculation at this point, but could the studio make a splash with any other basic Star Trek content now available on the emerging Paramount + to release a new film on-duty? And will Vazquez’s movie star be the Abrams cast of Trekkers or a direct Discovery feature film? Hmm …


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