New artist highlight: Prospertine brightens up Darkwave with “Dwelling”

Adren Leigh and Jeremy Bastard have both been an integral part of the art rock and electronica scene in NYC, Bastard as the solo producer and Leigh as the voice of the indie pop group Arden and the Wolves. With their debut single "Home", Leigh and Bastard founded Prospertine, a "Darkwave Industrial Dance Pop" project in which each of them really took their style to a new level.

Speaking of the collaboration, Leigh says she and Bastard met in New York a while ago, but now live on opposite sides of the country.

I wrote the melody and lyrics for Home for a track that Jeremy invited me to collaborate on. For the lyrics, I was interested in exploring the darker aspects of awakening and emotional catharsis, aspects that are often bypassed in discussions of spirituality that focus on love + light, to the exclusion of the full spectrum of human emotions. While overall an incredible and deeply rewarding occupation, spiritual awakening can also be terrifying, humiliating, extremely destructive, and stressful at times. I want to open up a space for more music or art that addresses and validates this part of the process.

It is an interesting perspective that music brings Leigh to a spiritual awakening, and that is certainly reflected in the title "Home". Musically it's really a story of synthesizers, from the Pet Shop Boys to landing somewhere in Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Phantogram (so really a story by Moog, to be more precise). Jeremy Bastard apparently really wanted to soak the staff in synthesizers, but the sound design and ambient work behind it are also flawless.

Leigh's vocals and heavy lyrics suit these saturated synthesizers and actually carry the track more than the beat or bass with the throaty, grounding quality of her voice. As electronic as this track is, it also has an earthiness that makes it feel right at home. The texts are dark and soul-seeking, but also make this point of validation; There is a purpose that justifies the nature of the message. Going for the contrast will bring you closer to your true self so it may be worth it.

If Leigh and Bastard decide to move on with the Prospertine project, it will likely be a bit early to project where the sound will go next. They are both known for their different styles and tastes. However, with that pairing and "home" as a guide, some things are true: it will be quality, they will get the best out of each other, and it will be very, very good.

“Home” is now available on Ghostcat Media and can be streamed on Spotify or Bandcamp.

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