Netflix’s Havoc: 6 Reasons I’m Excited For The Tom Hardy Crime Drama

Havoc has a simple but effective premise that has served Gareth Evans well in the past

When Deadline covered the announcement of Havoc and Gareth Evans’ overall deal with Netflix, he described the film as a story about an injured detective struggling through the criminal underworld to rescue the estranged son of a politician and at the same time trying to get him to investigate a conspiracy and survive a drug trade that went wrong.

On the surface, this sounds like a very dry plot with elements we’ve seen before: the physically (and presumably emotionally) dejected detective has to survive the night, rescue someone, and keep the bad guys from devising a mysterious plan on the move. But don’t forget, this comes from the same guy who made a story about cops raving a house to defeat a drug lord and pretty much changed the way we watch action movies with The Raid.

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