NBA player Darius Morris on video ‘BEATING’ Blonde GF after ‘cheating’ !!

Darius Morris was a popular NBA player, now MTO News has learned that his ex-girlfriend claims the baller knocked her unconscious – and there is a video showing the obvious punches.

Darius was dating a New York model named Kristen Evangeline and the two lived together – until Darius came home one night – accusing Kristen of cheating. And all hell broke loose.

According to Kristen, Darius suspected she was cheating – and ordered her to turn her phone over so he could go through the numbers on it.


When Kristen refused to turn her phone over. Things got violent. The entire incident was captured on camera and it’s disturbing to see it.


The two can be seen on video, and Kristen screams through and through. Finally, the buxom blonde called the police and charged Darius, but he was only charged with a misdemeanor.

Kristen claims that she had two black eyes and a couple of broken teeth as a result of the beating.

Here is the video of the obvious spanking warning that it’s disturbing.

Here’s what Kristen says happened.


And here are pictures of Kristen:

Here is Darius:

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