Native residents over Deadmau5 drive-in noise ranges of their arms

We're used to local residents complaining about noise from nearby festivals – Electric Forest, Middlelands, the list goes on. Event organizers are often cautious when choosing a venue as these complaints are not uncommon. Still, residents of Hutto, Texas, near Deadmau5, who played a drive-in show at the Brushy Creek Ampitheatre last Friday, January 8, weren't pleased.

"We were in the living room and you could hear the music clearly," said Kelly Verootis, who has lived in Hutto for eight years. "It's disheartening. They said after the last they would do their best to soften the sound experience for the neighboring communities. But it felt worse."

"Thanks for the feedback," replied the amphitheater in a post on social media. “The team is working closely with the City of Hutto and Williamson Counties to obtain all necessary permits and noise exemptions. Please send a direct message to the city of Hutto with your concerns so that they can address them directly. "

"Now that we've had two shows with a significant amount of bass, I think it's the right thing for our neighbors to see what we can do to solve the problem," said City Manager Warren Hutmacher. "Our intention is to use the facility as intended, but we need to be more responsible and respectful of our neighbors."

Deadmau5 also responded to the backlash by saying, "Man, I'm sorry Hutto! I sympathize … loud stuff near my house would get TF out of me too … hopefully the engineers will find a better solution for you . Let's label this a … stress test? "

Mau5 is expected to play back-to-back shows at Belly Up Aspen in March, which have been postponed from December last year.

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