Naked-Confronted Hailey Bieber Reveals Her Battle With Pores and skin Situation

Hailey Bieber wants to be “transparent” about her skin struggles.

On Monday, Dec. 7, the model took to her Instagram Story to open up about her battle with an inflammatory rash called perioral dermatitis. In the 24-year-old’s message to her 30 million Instagram followers, she explained that she’s had this skin condition for a “few years” now.

Alongside a bare-faced photo of her skin, which she noted is on “day 3” so it’s “calmed down a lot,” Hailey wrote, “It gets triggered by different things and usually shows up on my cheeks, around my mouth or sometimes around and under my eyes.”

The daughter of Stephen Baldwin went on to share various things that “trigger” the rash, including trying a new product or a product that’s “too harsh,” as well as weather, masks and “sometimes certain SPF.”

Hailey also added, “That’s why for my skin personally I go for super gentle anti inflammatory products that will help soothe my skin and won’t trigger a dermatitis breakout!” 

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