Man beats GF GUT on Live; Posts pictures of her battered face to TROLL! (Photos)

A South Carolina woman was brutally beaten by her father on Live, and now MTO News can finally confirm the alleged perpetrator is in custody.

On Wednesday March 17, family members said they went in search of Tashie Vance, who was taken hostage by Jesse Tyler Crooks, the father of Tashie’s daughter.

Later that afternoon, video of Tashie quickly surfaced after she was beaten by Jesse and two other women. Tashie was beaten so badly that her aunt Darlene Atkins said she barely recognized her.


According to Tashie’s aunt, her baby’s father lured her to his brother’s house, where two unknown women were. After a few hours had passed, Tashie got in a bad mood so she went outside and the two women started beating her.

The aunt claims that Tashie’s boyfriend joined them and they all hit Tashie with his fists and phone.

And her baby daddy supposedly wasn’t happy – so he started taping her live on FB after the beating took place.

The accused could be seen on the video calling their names and yelling at them for keeping his daughter (something the aunt says is out of her niece’s control) from him.

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Tashie’s cousin was horrified to see the video and she showed it to the police.

The aunt thinks that if they had never received the video, Tashie would have been dead.

MTO News learned that Tashie was recently released from the hospital. The beautiful mother is recovering from three broken ribs, internal bleeding in the lungs, broken nose, puffy eyes, bruises in the stomach and much more.

Jesse, who is white, has been charged with first degree domestic violence, kidnapping, and second degree and second degree of assault Crooks. If convicted, he faces up to 5 years in prison.

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