Man accuses Drake of SLEEPING with his fiance; “It was my first day for 8 years” !!

Hip-hop superstar Drake has been accused of sleeping with a man’s fiancé and now the man with the cuckold is going to BLAST Drake on social media, MTO News learned.

According to the man, a singer named Jamie Sun, Drake offered to sign his fiancé on a recording deal. Drake then flew Jamie and his beautiful fiancé to meet and befriended both of them. Then, according to the confused man, Drake allegedly “stabbed him in the back” – while sleeping with his fiancé.

Jamiesun went to BLAST Drake on IG, MTO News confirmed. He’s clearly heartbreaking and told his followers that he had “the most beautiful, supportive, and loyal relationship” before Drake came. He was with his Bae for 8 years and he claims his fiancé was “his ride or his death”.


Check out what he posted online:


In case you’re wondering, here is the woman, Naomi Sharon – a gorgeous singer:

And here is Jamie Sun:


So far, Drake has not responded to the allegations. Neither did Naomi.

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