Lovers’ Lane Murders Units Out to Clear up the Notorious Colonial Parkway Murders

This is where former FBI Special Agent Maureen O’Connell comes in. “As an investigator,” she tells Loni, “I could not ignore the coincidences.”

And therein lies the challenge: two equally plausible scenarios. 

Lovers’ Lane Murders will examine both, and it’s all kicking off Thursday, Feb. 11 with a two-night special premiere. 

In the inaugural episode, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and her girlfriend are murdered in the lovers’ lane area that law enforcement would soon be forced to return to over and over again. However, for the time being, authorities were simply left to wonder if this was a hate crime or the birth of something even more ominous.

The following episode continues to examine the initial Colonial Parkway homicide, but the case is still unsolved when a new double murder takes place less than a year later. 

And unfortunately, this is only the beginning.

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