Lori Loughlin’s husband no longer behind bars – currently in custody!

According to new reports Lori Loughlin Husband, Mossimo Giannulli has also been released from prison after being sentenced to prison for his involvement in the infamous varsity blues scandal. As you may know, a number of influential people, including Lori and her husband, have been caught paying to take their kids to college. This is the biggest college fraud in the country!

While Lori has been out since New Years Eve, her husband spent about five months behind bars and he has just been released!

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However, in his absence he is not yet a free man. The Associated Press reports that he is currently in custody.

Other than that, he is still an inmate regarding the prison records. His official release date is April 17th.

Back in January, the court ruled that he would spend the remainder of his sentence at home, having been in solitary confinement for no less than 56 days.

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It did so after Mossimo asked and was refused to be released early.

The judge argued that he had been reassigned to the general population at this point and that his situation did not pose a health risk as he did not have a disease that would put him at increased risk of serious illnesses due to COVID-19, nor that he had one suffering from certain disease. ‘

You may recall that Giannulli and Loughlin were part of a group of no fewer than fifty people who were caught illegally taking their children to universities.

The actress and her husband were accused of paying no less than $ 500,000 in bibs to bring their two daughters to college.

Not only that, but they forged evidence that they were recruits on the rowing team, when they weren’t at all.

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