Loki Boss, Star Tom Hiddleston break up the DB Cooper scene from the premiere: “The mystery is solved!”


The following post contains spoilers for Loki’s series premiere. Proceed with caution!

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki can take the form of almost anyone – including what appears to be one of America’s elusive real-life criminals.

In the first episode of Disney +’s latest Marvel Studios series (released Wednesday; read our full recap here), a 2012 Loki was arrested by the Time Variance Authority, a bureaucratic organization dedicated to preserving the “sacred timeline “, A predetermined version, is commissioned by life events that are supposed to prevent the creation of a multiverse. While in the custody of the TVA, Loki reluctantly revealed a high point in his life, and there was an unexpected revelation: the mysterious 1970s hijacker known as DB Cooper? That was actually the god of mischief himself.

For those unfamiliar with DB Cooper – a name given to it by the media – the stranger hijacked a Boeing 727 in 1971, then collected a substantial ransom (and four parachutes) and jumped off the plane. To this day, Cooper’s identity and fate are unknown, and it is also not certain whether he successfully deployed any of the parachutes he was given. But in Loki’s version of events, it was actually Hiddleston’s character who sovereignly pulled off this plan when he lost a bet to Thor, and after jumping off the plane he was quickly brought back to Asgard via the Bifrost Bridge.

“We tried to find ways [for] how Loki, as the incarnation of mischief, could have come to earth before and did various mischievous things and then disappeared, ”Hiddleston tells TVLine in the video above when asked how the Cooper sequence came about. “Perhaps these were our inexplicable stories to humanity.”

As chief writer Michael Waldron explains, “I needed an example of a time when the TVA wasn’t interfering in Loki’s life, when Loki might have thought, ‘Maybe you should have done it,’ and that felt like a particularly chaotic moment from history to … And now we know: Lokis DB Cooper. The riddle is solved! “

But seeing this sizzling role in his own existence, Loki also became privy to events that had not yet happened, including the deaths of Frigga and Odin, and later his own demise under Thanos’ powerful grip. Hiddleston calls it “a destabilizing moment” for Loki to realize that his life path has apparently already been chosen for him, which will also affect him in future episodes.

“Realizing that he had no agency or choice, and that so many of his struggles were … somehow predetermined, is a shock to the system,” he continues. “It creates such a moment of drama for us as storytellers. Loki has to rethink [and] Realign yourself with what he is or what he thinks he is. “

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