LisaRaye talks to Sister Da Brat about beef

LisaRaye McCoy can be seen in the final season of Iyanla: Fix my Life and explains her problems with her sister Da Brat.

Lisa hit the air when her co-hosts thought it would be a good idea to surprise her with her newly engaged sister. But LisaRaye wasn’t happy at all.


“My upset is actually that my feelings are hurt. When she first came out, I know she’s going through a transition and all, but she’s got a new relationship, but I haven’t heard about that particular relationship. And when I say it something, I mean everything, “she says in the clip.

“And then when they tried to surprise me on my show, I was shocked. Surprised, shocked … That she even agreed to say happy birthday and then she said we had a certain distance in ours Relationship and then when she said that it was like I didn’t even want to, I don’t even know how to think about it. “

Did she overreact?

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