Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tick, Tick…BOOM!: 7 Fast Issues We Know About The Netflix Film

Tick, Tick…BOOM! Is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Feature Directorial Debut

Having proven his skills several times over, both on the stage and screen, Lin-Manuel Miranda is ready to jump behind the camera for his feature directorial debut. A movie adaptation of tick, tick … BOOM! has been a passion project for Miranda for decades. Now that he’s rocking Hamilton’s clout, the acclaimed playwright can finally realize his cinematic vision for this project.

The freshman filmmaker first signed on a few years ago, but it took some time before his always-busy schedule cleared up. Certainly, Lin-Manuel Miranda has expressed a great deal of enthusiasm for this movie in past interviews, and he has showcased great tenacity in getting it made. Hopefully, that beaming zeal translates to the screen.

Admittedly, while inexperienced, Lin-Manuel Miranda also previously directed 1996’s hour-long Clayton Friends, though tick, tick … BOOM! is considered his first feature. Nevertheless, with tons of stage and screen experience, this newest addition to the multi-hyphenate’s resume will hopefully be another triumph for the well-established performer.

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