Lendale Johnson found with Thriller Man

Lendale Johnson was discovered with a mysterious man and now fans are wondering if the tennis star is off the market. Sources say that Lendale, who spent a lot of time keeping his social life active during the pandemic, appears to have a new man in his life. The two of them are constantly enjoying a treat at New York Union Pizza or playing a tennis game or two. The man, named "Ish" according to sources, also appears very publicly on Lendale's Instagram account, where they were seen on a tennis court. Ish held a tennis racket partially over his face, but that didn't stop eagle-eye fans from pointing it out to him!

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Lendale is said to be filming his upcoming Amazon series Deuces and Love, but will his romantic interest show up on the series?

This photo of Lendale and Ish appeared on the professional tennis player's Instagram account. Yeah, see you Ish!

Lendale Johnson teams up with NBA player Steve Nash for charity

Lendale captioned the photo: "I solemnly swear that I don't have a good punch to see our happy souls."

Source: Lendale Johnson / Instagram

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Lendale and Ish were also spotted enjoying a romantic dinner with wine and pizza. Although New York is closing its restaurants to the public, Lendale and Ish somehow managed to get in! Don't worry, they may have removed their face masks to enjoy the delicious feast, but there was hand sanitizer nearby – safety first!

It seems like there's nothing with Lendale and Ish that separates these two – not even a pandemic!

In addition to Lendale's romantic activities, he was busy in other ways. He recently played a charity tennis match with NBA all star Steve Nash, has a project in the works with H&M, and was spotted filming with Ish in Times Square!

Are you looking forward to Lendale JohnsonThe upcoming reality TV series Deuces and Love?

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