Kim Kardashian shares epic outdated household photographs for the late father Robert’s birthday

Kris Jenner’s reaction to Robert Kardashian Sr. Hologram

What a step backwards.

Kim Kardashian honors her late father Robert Kardashian on his 77th birthday. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted a handful of epic old family photos as well as an emotional Instagram tribute on Monday February 22nd.

“Happy birthday dad! I celebrate you every day, but even more today,” Kim shared this morning. “So much to talk about! I called your cell number and just wondered if someone would pick it up after all these years. I can’t really believe I remembered it. Please visit me in a dream soon.”

The E! star added: “Can you also please send down a sign in the shape of the symbols / birds we always talked about?!?! I just miss you sooooo much!”

Kim also participated in her IG Stories to share a variety of childhood photos. “Happy birthday papa! God, you’d be sooo old lol,” she wrote in a video of the famous lawyer who plays golf.

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