Kathryn Newton recollects unintentionally ruining the priceless Chanel go well with

Kathryn Newton is here to remind us that celebs are not just like us.

The Freaky actress revealed that she had cut up a vintage Chanel suit before realizing it was, in fact, an invaluable museum piece. Can't relate to although it sounds like something we would do.

She talked about the carefree moment when she spoke to InStyle on Friday November 13th. Kathryn said she was in Vancouver filming Supernatural and found "this amazing vintage shop" full of pieces from Yves Saint Laurent, Chrome Hearts and Chanel.

"It was so, so cheap," she said. "I don't buy things at full price – I'm not that person. I buy on sales so I'm going to buy vintage and find these pieces, and now I have this amazing collection. I have these 1994 Chanel suits – two black ones you have Seen the picture of the models in pastel colors [sets] with their amazingly long legs. I have about four of these suits. "

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