Kandi Burruss poses with Cynthia Bailey and makes the day of followers

Kandi Burruss posed with Cynthia Bailey and has fans in awe. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

‘Happy Birthday @cynthiabailey !!!!! You are a beautiful woman who never ages. I’ve laughed with you a lot over the years. I look forward to many more! Hope you work somewhere better than the frog you do on slide 3 …… everyone gives @cynthiabailey some love! ???? ‘Kandi has given her post a title.

Someone said, ‘Happy Birthday CBH! I love your friendship so much! ???? ♥ ️✨ ‘and someone else said:’ The first and the last picture ????❤️❤️???????? Kandi A REAL FRIEND ???????????? ‘

Another follower said: “Cynthia and the twerk lmaoooo, it will never get old – happy birthday 50 cynt” and another follower said: “Trying to help and help many mothers, students and the unemployed with the little that I can. ‘

Someone else said, “Now these pictures of you and Cynthia are ABSOLUTELY beautiful” happy born Mrs. Hill “and one follower said,” Whhaaa me and Muva Cynthia have the same birthday !!! Didn’t know ???????? @kandi @cynthiabailey ???? ‘

One commenter posted: ‘Happy Birthday, lots of love to you from Jackson ms ❤ ????????’

Kandi Burruss shares a fresh look and fascinates fans like there is no tomorrow. Check out the pink outfit she’s wearing and that makes her so unique, like there’s no tomorrow.

One follower said: ‘You will clear out your camera every 2021 !!!! ???????? ‘and someone else posted:’ Nice color on you … melanin poppin girl. ‘

Kandi Burruss explained to her fans the reason she skipped the new episode of Speak on It. Check out their message below.

»Someone asked why I didn’t do #SpeakOnIt last week. Well last week it was busy because of Vday weekend and I’m also working on #TheChi in Chicago! I’ll talk about it in the future too. In the meantime, make sure you’re all busy with #TheChi because season 4 will be ????. ‘Kandi has given her post a title.


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