Kaley Cuoco of the flight attendant on judging a e-book based mostly on (largely) its cowl that Moira Rose channels off-camera


It wasn't so much a great plan as a bit of online shopping that led Kaley Cuoco to the project that earned the Big Bang alum her very first Golden Globe nominations – Plural, both as an actress and as an executive producer.

As Cuoco detailed in a THR TV's Top 5 Podcasts, she'd gotten up late years ago looking for new reading when Chris Bohjalian's The Flight Attendant caught my eye. “The cover was a woman with blonde hair and she was running…. It was a very wispy, cool cover, ”she shared.

Shortly before the end of Big Bang's run, Cuoco was made to think about her "next act." And after reading the thriller cover flap, she jumped on the option for the rights to the first series of her production company Yes, Norman (named after the canine companion she had heartbreakingly goodbye to weeks, after 14 years) .

Less than 24 hours after Cuoco's Globes nod was announced (see her emotional reaction here), she was nominated by the SAG Awards for Best Comedy Actress and the Show for Best Comedy Ensemble. And somewhere in between, she phoned TVLine to respond to The Flight Attendant's clearly successful landing.

TVLINE | You've had a very emotional year 2021 so far.
Yes. So many ups and downs…. This is definitely a boom moment.

TVLINE | Who is more excited, Kaley the actress or Kaley the executive producer? Or do they take turns?
Oh man…. You know, maybe Kaley the actress because I've been doing this for 30 years. I've been doing it for so long and I love being an actor so much. I don't think about such moments. And so I will never forget this moment. I really won't. I'm bursting at the seams.

TVLINE | Of course, when you develop The Flight Attendant, and when you spin it, you want it to be very good, that it be high quality. But does it ever occur to you, "That could be worth an award"?
If we thought that, it would be a problem. All that has crossed my mind for the past three and a half years since choosing this book is, “Oh my god, am I making a mistake? Will people hate that? Will you love it Oh god this is so bad what am i doing? Why do I do this?"

As an EP you just know way too much, you see the whole fight. As an actor, I can wake up and come in, you do your job and then you go and you see the end product. However, as you learn the path to the final product, it becomes even cuter as you know how hard the work is and how much teamwork it takes.

TVLINE | And all for a property that you bought based on the cover while shopping online one night!
(Laughs) That's very true, yes. I saw the cover of the book and read a sentence on Amazon. I then went through the options process for six months while reading it and it was insane. But I just loved Cassie and I knew this could be a good show. I remember going into the studio and saying, “I think this is the next show, but we have to get it right. It's international and we can't do this on a sound stage.” They say, “OK, but it's going to be expensive "and I said," Yes. Yes it is. " And then I was like, "Oh god, they're not going to do this thing. We can't go around the world. What do I think?" But they did.

TVLINE | You watch TV. Do you even know any of your competitors in the comedy and comedy actresses categories?
Yes, and I actually have a story. Catherine O'Hara is one of my favorite actresses and I had only heard of Schitt & # 39; s Creek two years ago when I was in Thailand filming flight attendant. It was a great experience, but it was hard, long hours in a place I didn't know and I said to someone, "I have to get on a new show, I need something to distract me." They said, "Why don't you check out Schitt & # 39; s Creek?"

I started seeing Schitts Creek on the set between takes and I was literally walking around talking to everyone like Moira and trying to do their voice. And they'd say, "Oh god – Kaley is engrossed in Schitt & # 39; s Creek. That'll be a thing," because I'd love to be Moira and just be that crazy person. (Laughs) Your scenes made me shooting my show. To be in this category with Catherine is something I never dreamed of and I'm very honored.

TVLINE | Some of our readers were surprised that Flight Attendant started as a comedy.
Well (the show) is fun. I mean, I feel like we created a tone that you don't see often – it wasn't drama, it wasn't comedy, it wasn't sad, it wasn't happy. It was such a series of things, and to get you laughing through some of the horrors we shot it was a comedy in my opinion. There were moments that were lighthearted, really crazy comedic moments that we thought were very, very special and that are suitable for comedies.

TVLINE | Flight attendant was Yes, Norman's first big swing. How does this shape your decision as a production company?
I mean, that was literally our first hit. Yes, Norman came about after I picked this book and it was kind of based on what this project was going to be. When I came back from the Big Bang I was often asked, "Have you tried to find something so different from Penny?" Bla, bla, bla. The truth is – and I really mean it – that it wasn't me. I wasn't looking for something that was so opposite to the Big Bang. I didn't care. I loved being part of Big Bang, but I like going after my gut and there was something that was very good natured and that's how we work at Yes, Norman. We're not looking for anything in particular. If it hits us in the right place and it's with the right people, then we want to do it.

TVLINE | All right, tell me everything you know about Season 2.
God i don't know We have literally brought our writers' room together, as far as the story goes, there is nothing there yet. But as for the emotional arc with Cassie, she will try to live a sober life. But as we know she is very impatient and she believes that things are going to be very simple, that this won't be a big deal, and she will realize very quickly that this is going to be a lifelong struggle for her.

TVLINE | That's alcoholism.
Absolutely, but she wants things to be easy and quick and she will realize very quickly that this will not happen overnight.

TVLINE | I mean … she drank a lot.
She drank a lot. I had to pee so many times on this set that I drank so much water. I drank so much water from these bottles (airplane vodka) all the time …

TVLINE | (Showrunner) Steve Yockey told me there will be a Mind Palace device again, but it will obviously be different.
We will. I don't know exactly how they're going to do it, but we definitely confirmed that. I think there's going to be a bit of Cassie, almost on her own mind if that makes sense, her way of talking to herself and facing her own demons directly again.

TVLINE | I'm honestly worried about Rosie Perez's character. Given what she did, it would be easy to kill her and then she and Cassie are in a new palace of thoughts.
We have to find Rosie's character – Megan became such a fan favorite – and it's going to be a really big story. We are excited to see where this will lead.

TVLINE | What do you want for the second season? Or is there something you shouldn't be doing?
What I want? You know it's so early to know … we had a great first season, but I want it to get even better, even if it's hard to do. And I want to swing. What I love about the show with Steve and our writers is that they really make me get ballistic. I mean you saw it on the screen. I would love to go back to ballistic and spread my wings wider because it just turned into a unit of its own and I don't even know what I've been doing half the time. I just left it in the field and walked away like, "Well, f – k, I hope this worked!"

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