Justin Bieber’s new album cover looks suspiciously similar to Justice’s logo, and it’s no coincidence

Last week Justin Bieber released his new album, Justice, which is due to be released later this month. But even without reading more about this story, the album cover looks suspiciously similar to the art direction and style of the popular French electronic music duo Justice.

As it turns out, the similarity is no coincidence.

While the cross duo have not made a public statement of the resemblance themselves, their Ed Banger Records label shared a photo on Instagram with the original sketch designed for Justice artwork. The joking headline reads: “Ed Banger Records appoints Justin Drew Bieber as art director. We want to thank Mr. So Me [their long-time in-house designer] for all his work since 2003. With love (and lots of fun) “

In a statement to SPIN, Justice’s management said: “The Bieber team emailed us in May 2020 asking to contact the Justice graphic designer to discuss a logo. We tried to establish a call between Bieber’s team and our designer, but the call never closed and the conversation ended there. Nobody ever mentioned an album called Justice or a logo that said Justice. The first time we saw anything about it was the announcement. “

Obviously they wanted Justice for inspiration, but they never got approval or even had the discussion before releasing their album cover. It also comes across Bieber’s outspoken Christian, and the ‘t’ in righteousness is depicted as a cross, however the similarities are still too obvious to ignore.

Photo via aLIVE coverage for life is beautiful

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