Jonah Hill publishes an inspiring message – says that he “lastly” loves himself and accepts his physique!

The actor used his favorite social media platform to gain confidence and learn to love his body over the years! Jonah Hill made it very clear that he “finally” fully accepts himself!

The 37-year-old star posted a screenshot of a DailyMail article showing pictures of him shirtless and surfing!

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In the caption, he described his experiences of self-love and admitted that he probably never had his shirt off by the pool before he was in his mid-30s!

He went on to tell followers that it likely would have happened sooner if my childhood insecurities hadn’t been exacerbated by years of public ridicule of my body by the press and interviewers. The idea that the media is trying to play me by following me while I’m surfing and taking pictures like that and that can’t phase me anymore is so stupid. I’m 37 and I finally love and accept myself. This is not a “good for me” post. And it’s definitely not a “feeling bad for me” post. It’s for kids who don’t take off their shirts by the pool. Have fun. You are wonderful and great and perfect. All my love. ‘

Following his inspirational post, Jonah received tremendous love and support from fans who appreciated the message, as well as from some of his famous friends such as Kelly Slater, Johnny Knoxville, and Andy Cohen, to name a few.

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His sister, Beanie Feldstein, also raved about him in the comments section, telling Hill, “You’re the best in the world that I love you.”

This isn’t the first time Jonah Hill has spoken about his struggle with weight and body image.

While chatting with Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show in 2018, he read her, and the public, the manifesto of Inner Children, a magazine he created with an emphasis on self-love.


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