It is Simply Like Groundhog Day–Or Is It? How the Invoice Murray Basic Spawned a Complete State of Thoughts

And to think, Murray, Andie MacDowell and director Harold Ramis just thought they were making a rom-com with a life-affirming message, smart dialogue and some well-timed physical pratfalls.

But once the world stumbles on a concept so endlessly useful, try telling the world to let it go. The film, co-written by Ramis and Danny Rubin, took on such a life of its own, in all likelihood it’s being referenced these days by a lot of people who’ve never even seen it—so, what better day to remedy that unfortunate situation?

Because some occurrences can’t be readily explained, Groundhog Day isn’t streaming on the major services in the U.S. (check your offerings if you’re somewhere else), but AMC will be airing it several times, and it’s readily available for AMC+ subscribers. You can also rent it through Amazon, or recite it by heart with your friends.

Happy Groundhog Day to all—and we hope it’s a good one, just in case all the same stuff happens tomorrow.

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