Is Kylie Jenner downright greedy?

Is Kylie Jenner downright greedy? This is what people are discussing on social media after the makeup mogul donated $ 5,000 to makeup artist Samuel Rauda’s family to the $ 60,000 GoFundMe. Samuel had an accident and needed an operation. Kylie thought she would donate and ask her fans to cover the rest.

Kylie is worth more than half a billion and is often posed on Instagram with accessories, vehicles, cabinets, jewelry, and other items that cost well over $ 60,000. Fans were furious when Kylie donated $ 5,000 and encouraged her fans to give their hard earned money to help the makeup artist. Many of Kylie’s fans are feeling the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic and have either received stimulus checks or are waiting to make ends meet. The idea of Kylie Jenner Asking them to donate what little they have to someone they don’t know when they could clearly have covered the full GoFundMe has made many simmer.

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This isn’t the first time Kylie Jenner has been out of touch with her fans who are struggling with COVID-19.

During the peak of the first wave, Kylie came under fire after posting photos of herself flaunting her wealth and traveling the world to go to exotic locations while people battled and battled the pandemic at home .

When the Kardashians and Jenners celebrated their birthdays, they did so with large parties that defied the rules of social distancing. But while the Kardashians and Jenners enjoyed life to the fullest and enjoyed luxury travel around the world, people were upset that the family showed little compassion for those who suffered.

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Kylie’s request that her fans donate to GoFundMe has been declined.

Kylie Jenner is a greedy, selfish rich biotch! Your request for money for anyone is a big joke. She has the batter to save her friend. Leave us earthly beings alone. You and the Barbie clan are abnormal! Do not send dough

– TCL (@ TCL63412615) March 25, 2021

What do you think of the backlash against Kylie Jenner over the fundraiser? Do you think Kylie should have paid Samuel Rauda’s medical bills, or do you think Kylie Jenner should have donated the money and then not asked her fans to donate too?

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