Invincible Season 1 Finale Recap: Blood, Tears, and More Blood – Plus, Grade It!


There’s an abundance of blood and violence on Invincible.

But the season one finale, which was canceled this Friday, was especially so because Omni-Man turned his son Mark’s face into raw hamburger meat. If Mark hadn’t been half Viltrumite, which makes him invincible, he would surely have died from all the bloody blows Omni-Man dealt to convince Mark to turn his back on humanity … much like Omni-Man . It turned out that this was his mission on Earth all along – to eliminate the weakest among humans.

The more Mark refused, the more Omni-Man kicked his ass. He smashed his face in their hometown, he dropped a building in Chicago on him, and then in an unknown location on the side of a mountain, he dropped part of the mountain on him and hit him some more until some of his teeth fell off . Somewhere along the way, Omni-Man broke Mark’s legs too.

He also threw insults at Mark and made horrific comments about Mark’s mother being “more of a pet” than a woman. And Debbie could hear him because Cecil was overseeing the whole battle, the sound and everything. Yipes. So a divorce?

Invincible, though bloody and mistreated, that’s what remained as he struggled, stayed alive, and kept trying to save all the people he could when his father tried to kill them. But there was no way to save the people on the subway that Omni-Man was plowing through with Mark as a human battering ram. My God!

Ultimately, Omni-Man / Nolan just stopped beating his son’s face and body on the mountainside because he looked at him long enough to remember that they had a truly human and wonderful moment in Mark’s childhood. A moment when Mark was playing small league baseball and somehow without his superpowers (because they hadn’t come on) managed to hit the ball far into the outfield and actually get a run.

At that moment, although Omni-Man had said he could create another 17-year-old son in as many years, he became Nolan again and realized that he loved his son. When he asked Mark why he wanted to live on a planet where his mother Debbie and all of his friends would be dead in 100 years, but he would be alive because the viltrumite lifespan is hundreds of years, Mark said that he would still have Nolan, his father. Then an angry Nolan with tears in his eyes flew far away to unknown parts.

After the struggle and destruction, humanity was rebuilt as we always do. The new Guardians team helped with the cleanup, and things slowly returned to normal when Mark healed gloomily in the hospital and barely spoke a word. As he got out, Cecil asked if he still wanted to be invincible, and Mark said he didn’t know. He returned home to find that his mother was crying alone in her bed. He hugged Amber as she passed and said she wanted to get back together.

William and Eve stopped by too and all four went to Burger Mart to talk and eat and figure out the future. But before they could get too comfortable, Mark got a call from Cecil and he was gone. He flew to the moon and saw Allen the alien en route, and the two were talking telepathically, as they always did. Everyone had come to warn Mark that there was a Viltrumite on Earth and that everyone was in danger. But Mark said he knew and that Viltrumite was his father, who is now MIA.

The two sat on the moon and talked to each other, and everyone wondered if the earth was safe now. An impressive montage of all the threats Earth faced without Omni-Man followed, including the devious Mauler twins and invading aliens that Omni-Man had crucified, and Mark said Earth was fine. But boy, will he be surprised when the show comes back for seasons 2 and 3?

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