Insomniac proclaims Electrical Mile, a model new audiovisual drive-thru expertise

insomnia the gifts Electric mile – and brand new audiovisual drive-through experience early next year!

The company founder Pasquale Rotella I just shared the exciting news he describes as "an adventure full of beautiful lights, art and sound". The unique series of events offers a total of 5,000,000 lights and more than 500 art installations, disco balls, lasers and much more.

Electric Mile offers music fans (aka headliners) and their families a musical, light-synchronized journey as they navigate seven magical worlds and touch key insomniac events – "EDC, Beyond Wonderland, Night Wonderland, Escape and countdown. ”

The series of events aims to capture the magic of festivals in a COVID-safe environment with lots of fun for the whole family. Everything goes down every week starting January 1 at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California.

Pasquale shares on social media post:

As a father and still a child at heart, this project was a great passion for me. It was an amazing challenge to create something that can delight our festival goers as well as our families. I can't wait to experience this new adventure with all of you!

More information and tickets here.

Electric Mile – January 2021

Buckle up headliner! The path to #ElectricMile begins: An audiovisual drive-through adventure full of beautiful lights, art and sound – in Santa Anita Park! ????????⚡️

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– Pasquale Rotella (@PasqualeRotella) December 4, 2020

Brand new adventure in January 2021 !! ???? CALL THE LINE FOR MO INFO !! 844-5-RAVE-ON ????????

– Pasquale Rotella (@PasqualeRotella) December 3, 2020

Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac

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