Information Of The World Ending Defined: How The Tom Hanks Film Earned Its Conclusion

What Happened At The End Of News Of The World

Kidd and Johanna arrive at her aunt (Winsome Brown) and uncle’s (Neil Sandilands) home. Immediately, Johanna protests. She doesn’t want to stop here, she wants to continue with Kidd, reading the news and getting dime-ahs (what Johanna calls dimes). Kidd explains to Johanna’s aunt and uncle how they’ll have to show patience with Johanna because she’s slowly readjusting to western civilization. Her uncle insists that Johanna will have to work, and Johanna’s aunt starts rehashing what happened to Johanna’s parents and sister.

Kidd leaves and continues on to San Antonio. He finally goes to see his wife’s grave, and with some help from a life-long friend, Mr. Branholme (Bill Camp), he’s able to forgive himself for the war, all the bloodshed, and not being there for his wife when she died. He then returns to Castroville for Johanna. He tells her that he made a mistake bringing her there. She belongs with him.

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