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How to use a pendulum

Oct 20

How To Use A Pendulum

A pendulum is said to help interact with your subconscious mind and to answer your most sought after questions via the movement of the pendulum – much the same as kinesiology.

They are also used for balancing the charka, for dowsing (helping to locate misplaced or hidden items), and can be worn as necklaces to provide protection, healing and assistance in attaining goals. Your subconscious mind holds much more information than it does on a conscious level.

A pendulum is a way of ‘tapping into’ this information.

Pendulums are one of the oldest and simplest ways of obtaining information intuitively.

They have been used for many thousands of years for many different purposes such as locating water and as ‘sex detectors’ in the pregnancy of farm animals in the 1930s.

Albert Einstein spent time studying dowsing and believed that electro-magnetism may provide answers to this phenomenon.

How A Pedumum Works

Depending on which way they move, a pendulum will indicate the answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a question. The ability to provide a more definite answer to a question sets a pendulum aside from the readings of tarot cards or runes.

Let’s look at how to use a pendulum now.

Firstly, you need to ground and calm yourself.
Breathe gently in and out, and relax your mind. There are many different ways of grounding oneself, but essentially you want to get to a point where you feel relaxed and at peace.

Next, you need to define your pendulums response indicators.
Rest your elbow on a table, and hold the pendulum chain about 10cm up from the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger, so that it swings freely. This is the ideal distance from your hand. Any further and it will take longer to move as it is further away from the bodies’ energies. Wrap the excess chain around your finger.
Your wrist should be ‘loose’ and ‘hanging’.
Make sure the pendulum is hanging straight down and not moving.

Either mentally or out aloud, ask the pendulum “show me a yes”.
The pendulum will move in a direction, indicating that movement in this direction is a positive answer from your subconscious.
Set the pendulum in the neutral hanging position once more.
Repeat with the question “show me a no”.

The pendulum will either move in a vertical line, a horizontal line, a diagonally to the left, a diagonally to the right, in a clockwise circle, or a counter-clockwise circle. Any one of these actions can indicate your pendulums response for ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Begin by asking simple questions to make sure you have accurately defined your pendulums movements for yes and no such as “Is my name (insert your name)?” watch that the pendulum swings yes.

Next, ask “Is my name (insert somebody else’s name)” watch that the pendulum swings no. 

Tips on how to use a Pendulum

* Sit with your legs uncrossed
* Stay at least an arm’s length away from other people so as not to pick up on their energy
* Stay away from TV’s computers, speakers and other electromagnetic fields
* Ask specific questions, avoiding emotional trigger words such as need, try and should
* The bigger the swing, the surer the answer is.

A pendulum will swing differently for different people; therefore each person using it must establish his or her own individual ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses before they begin.

Pendulums should be cleansed before and after each use. There are various ways of cleansing a pendulum such as resting it on sea salts overnight, smudging it with sage, or placing it under running water.
A crystal pendulum can also be ‘charged’ or ‘re-energised by letting it sit out under the moonlight overnight.

Practice improves your ability to effectively use your pendulum, as you gradually become more attuned to it.
It took time to master riding a bike, or driving a car, the same principles apply to effective use of your pendulum.

Now you know, how to use a Pendulum to receive the answers you seek.

Choosing A Pendulum

With so many different crystals, colours and shapes available in pendulums, the best way to choose is easy.

Pick a pendulum that you are drawn to. If you like the colour, shape or “feel” that you get from the pendulum, that’s the one for you.

Enjoy your pendulum.