How to Elevate your Style: The 3 More Tips

Do you have to be wearing the right thing or else you’ll look like you’re seven and going to church on Easter Sunday? My next tip, I think number four or five is to make sure your proportions are correct. So what I mean by that?

This is where I hate telling people how much skin to show or not because honestly, you show however much skin you want. It’s your choice, but when I am showing skin, if I’m doing like a crop top, I will make sure that I’m doing like a high waist kind of back of your jeans.

 So I would never do like a low rise skinny with like a tiny crop top. That’s just not my style again, if that’s your style, you go for it. That’s all for you. Or if I’m doing like a shorter skirt, I’ll do like an over-the-knee boot or a blazer to kind of cover-up my top, make sure I’m not showing too much cleavage.

How to balance out your proportions

I  like to balance out those proportions and what I also mean by that is just making sure your items are fitting well. So there are such things as like oversize items and, you know, buying a jacket and an extra-large, because you want to wear it that way.

When I think of something like this, I think of a pair of pants that you need to get taken in, in the waist. They can be a little saggy in the waist and they’re supposed to fit a little tighter. So you just want to make sure that things like that you have tailored to fit your body unless you’re just wanting them oversize to style it a certain way.

My next tip is that don’t be afraid to combine your colors and you know, I am such an all-black person. That’s my favorite way to wear clothes is just black all the time, but it’s crazy how good your outfit can.

Look when you are wearing a monochrome look and this doesn’t have to mean exactly a color. Like to me, this is considered a color. This is an oyster. Let’s call it that this just, it’s such a great color combination with like dark Brown or even black. They’re just two super basic items that you can pretty much wear with anything. So, and then if you’re wanting to go all out and do a color, I love something like this, especially for spring. So, you know, like a wide leg, really rich salmon pant with a super, almost like Beijing colored blazer. So I think you guys get the idea of mixing the colors. I even think your grays can work as well. So just depending on like the colors that you have in your closet already, I’m sure you can find something, before going out and shopping and like trying to like make all these monochrome looks, look in your closet.

I like to match my outfits with the right pendant necklace with my letter initials in gold or a bright butterfly necklace and something I can’t choose so I wear both!

More tips tips to come. As always I shop on amazon for my Turquoise Pendant Necklace designs. Bye for now, more to come, thanks for reading!


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