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How Do You Become an Event Planner?

Nov 4

How Do You Become an Event Planner?

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How Do You Become an Event Planner? When the party begins and the champagne cork cracks, there's nothing more satisfying than feeling satisfaction. It makes the months of work deadlines, long hours and long nights seem worth it. This is until the next deadline rolls around.

However, that doesn't mean that you need to be an event planner in order to create an event. We all have to do it at most times during our lifetime. It doesn't matter if we're planning a surprise birthday celebration or planning an event.

What's the secret to a successful event? How can get yourself a job as an event organizer? What are the essentials and pitfalls of the field?

We wanted to discover. Let's get this party going!

What can an event organizer do?

Weddings. Conferences. Business conventions. Meetings. It doesn't matter what the event, and an event planner is there to plan it. This is the job in an easy to understand way.

It's the art of spinning plates of all kinds - florists, photographers and location selection and invitations. Event planners do it all. They're a one-man or, more accurately, woman-powered machine that is capable of handling any and all hiccups that might be encountered.

This makes it an extremely flexible, productive occupations.

This is an illustration:

An individual contacts an event planner for an event they wish to hold. An event coordinator will talk about the vision with them, and will note the things that need to be accomplished. In this instance, they're trying to get what's important to the vision of the client.

Then the event organizer (or the event company) gets to work.

The potential venues for conferences are identified and then booked. Catering and decorations are purchased and hired. Speakers are arranged and entertainment is offered.

Then, on the day of the event they put in a lot of effort to ensure that the conference is smooth. If something does go off the rails and the event is delayed, it's the responsibility of the coordinator to put the event back to normal.

What do you require to be a successful event planner?

The majority of people who begin organizing events start with a Bachelor's degree. Tourism management, hospitality management and public relations marketing are all popular and valuable starting areas.

However, a degree isn't essential.

What's important is experience! This is where internships as well as entry-level positions are available. You'll need to discover a way to observe professionals and build an archive of your past experiences.

Consider the skills you'll require: multi-tasking, organizing long-term plan and a calm, composed, great verbal and written communication, a keen aesthetic eye, negotiation of contracts incredible interpersonal skills and much more.

You won't be able to master all that in the span of a few hours. It requires years of commitment and experience. This is what an event company is seeking: talent, however, most important is a love of learning and being engaged.

Are you an event planner? a lucrative career?

It's an extremely demanding job! However, it's certainly worth it.

If you love getting away from the office or meeting new people and taking on new challenges Then event planning is ideal for you. Don't expect a smooth trip. For many customers your events can be one of the most memorable moments in their lives. It could be a significant event on the corporate calendar.

This means that a lot is depending on your achievement. There's no room to make mistakes.

Planners also may work long hours, beginning early and ending late. The hours can be irregular especially during the build-up to an event. There are always many projects to be completed and deadlines to adhere to.

If you're not precise with your business, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

It's good to know that you're not the only one. While some event planners prefer to go on their own, many are part of a larger company such as BW Productions. Your team is available to provide needed assistance during a time of crisis.

In the end, the process of event planning did not flow without a hitch.

Cakes get delivered late. Entertainers aren't able to show up. However, in the end it's all about a day's work for a planner of events.

Still interested?


Are event organizers earn a decent salary?

Based on, the average wage of an event coordinator for an event planner in South Africa is R 132,780 per year. In contrast, puts the median in the region of R 107,000 per year. that ranges between R 8K up to R 329K.

This can give you an idea how much you can earn. Also, what you can earn as an event organizer and event planner, especially if you've earned a an enviable reputation.

Overall, that's a remarkably generous pay. This is not undeservedly so.

That means that, even after the long hours and sleepless nights you'll be justly recognized for the work you've done. That's not even talking about the immense satisfaction that work offers.

Very few jobs can witness months of hard work come together into one grand event. But event planners do! We can see smiles of the crowd and they smile too. Don't you?

How much do event planners charge?

It depends. It's a matter of how long is a string? Are you planning an event such as a wedding or conference? corporate picnic? The size and the scope for the celebration will determine the total cost of the event as well as the cost of the event organizer.

It is also important to consider the caliber that the planner for your event is. A novice event planner will likely cost lower than someone with twenty years of experience in the field. However, you will pay for what you receive. Experience is important!

For a rough estimate, puts the hourly average for an event planner as R 103.81. However, as mentioned the rate can vary dramatically dependent on the type of event.

If you're in search of an estimate, feel free to contact us to request an estimate. We're eager to discuss the possibilities.

What is the length of time you need to be a planner for events?

There was no one event that became an event organizer overnight.

From the beginning you'll require an education or at least 1-2 years of work experience. If you have an undergraduate degree, you'll need to do an internship or locate jobs that are entry-level. This could take a few years.

In this stage you are now the event coordinator. All in total, the process took about two to three years.

In reality, it's only the beginning to the adventure.

Event planners work for a lifetime studying their art. It is always a challenge to acquire new certifications to obtain and new skills to learn. There aren't all event planners the masters of every occasion. Some are specialized in weddings, while others specialize are experts in corporate meetings.

The like-heart surgeon and the psychiatrist, they are both doctors, however neither can perform their job better than the other. Similar is the case to event organizers. You choose what you enjoy and then you stick to it.

What is the various kinds of event plan?

Here's a look at the various avenues you could explore when it comes to event organizing:

  1. Freelance consultancy

The lone-wolfed wolves of the world of event planning. Solo event planners are able to work working from home and do their own thing. They often work with a small group of trusted vendors to ensure that their events are successful.

This is the toughest path to take, but. There's nothing from the back-up event companies to help you. Instead you're all completely on your own.

It gives you the ability to choose your own niche: kids' birthday parties, weddings funerals, small events and many more.

  1. Corporate event planning

You'll see huge sums of sums of money. Consider the huge corporate events that take place. Try not to feel faint due to the incredible schedules which they have to follow. Corporate events typically involve advertising the brand. It's fun , but also challenging.

If you are looking to work in an office setting with a large team If you like working in a large team, this is for you!

  1. Non-profit organisations

Sometimes, you want to do something to help others. This is why the fundraising campaigns of NGOs shine. It's a chance for event planners to collaborate with organizations and charities that are committed in making this world better.

The goal here is to raise money and raise awareness to support the cause. This requires drive, passion and dedication.

Do you agree?

It's been an more sought-after moment for event planners. Events are more extravagant and exciting than ever.

What is your opinion? Are you a good planner? Do you currently spend your time planning parties for your loved ones or arranging their social activities? Do you have the ability to make it happen in the event planning process and leave your impression?

If you believe so you should, then do it! The business constantly needs new talent that has something new to contribute.