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Hayling Island Music Festival July 2021

Jun 18

Hi Fest is a Hayling Island music festival. Hayling Island's Festival is a three-day music festival happening on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of July next year. 

The Hayling Lions Charity Concert is an annual event that brings together singers and musicians from across the three days. The money raised goes towards helping those in need.

The Hayling Lions charity concert is a three-day event that featured artists from across the globe.

The Hayling Lions Charity Concert takes place in Europe every year and this instalment of it is expected to be one for the books as more than 30 international singers, musicians, poets are coming together at venues all over town on their time off work or school. The performers will share stories about why they've chosen these performances with audience members after performing because laughter has been found to help people recover from trauma faster according to recent research conducted by Dartmouth College which should make for an excellent evening's entertainment! This charitable cause raises money mostly through ticket sales but also relies heavily upon donations so you can leave knowing your support mattered too when deciding what show tickets purchase.

A Fine Collection of Top Singers and Bands will be Performing on Saturday, July 24th from 2-7 pm at the Eaststoke Beach Plaza Stage. This event is a part of HiFest, an annual festival that features live music in Hayling Island.

The event is sure to be a delight for the whole family! Do you want your kiddo's favourite local singer or jazz group? Well, they are there. But what if they're not- no worries -there will also be some of Britain’s finest musicians and vocalists on hand too. Plus our resident DJ who'll keep them all rocking until well past bedtime at any one of five venues in the city centre including The Old Market Tavern where we have an evening stage that was set up especially with this year's festival in mind so it should make for plenty of toe-tapping entertainment as people come from miles around to enjoy themselves carnival-style right here amongst friends old and new!.