HAS TO DIE! Announces new album ‘CRISIS VISION’ due out next month [DETAILS]

HAS TO DIE! just unveiled his new album CRISIS VISION comes out May 21st.

The producer is banned and loaded with a multitude of powerful new releases, while continuing the MUST DIE! Tone forward. The following post offers an exclusive look at CRISIS VISION, due out next month, with the official album cover from victory.

The announcement follows a steady stream of new releases including “SORROW TECH”, “HELLBURST”, “DON’T EVEN BOTHER” and “NERVE DAMAGE”. All of them share consistent artwork and are likely to band together as part of the upcoming LP.

Must die recently! also confirmed a threefold threatened collaboration in the work with Akeos and Scream, but it is not known if the song will appear on CRISIS VISION.

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