Google’s High Trending Searches of 2020 Revealed: See Which Pop Tradition Moments Made the Record

When people say 2020 is a year that will go down in history, it’s by no means an exaggeration. 

This year has been memorable one for a multitude of reasons, some of them good and others terribly bad. It started off on a definite low, with Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, perishing along with seven others in a plane crash.

Though it seemed impossible for things to improve at the time, the mood picked up when award season arrived. Thanks to the numerous awards shows, director Bong Joon Ho arrived on the scene with the cast of Parasite, proving that a movie can unite people in a truly unprecedented way.

As spring approached, moments seemed to pass by in a blur, with only one word standing out: coronavirus. At the time, it was a mysterious virus that had people locked up and binge watching everything and anything, including the Netflix documentary Tiger King.

And though all of this seems like it happened a lifetime ago, Google is here to remind us that it was just a few months ago that these subjects made headlines.

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