Good Physician Recap: Lea fights cyber terrorism – Plus, [Spoiler] Get fired


The good doctor looked at CSI: Cyber ​​this week – and you probably have some thoughts.

In addition to the cyberattack, the Freddie Highmore-directed episode saw one of the newbies departed on Monday (no real surprise considering where their story left off four weeks ago) and saved a fan-favorite friendship.

Before reading the comments and trying to understand St. Bonaventure’s cybersecurity system, let’s briefly summarize what happened in “Decrypt”:

When the hospital was hit by a cyber attack, IT expert Lea tried to outsmart the hackers and prove herself to Glassman. After the dark net terrorists got wind of the hospital’s ransom offer (negotiated by Nicholas D’Agosto, the alum of Masters of Sex and Trial & Error), they sent Lea a “signal text” – whatever that means. They doubled the ransom to $ 4 million and activated malware. “If we don’t pay, they will erase our data and destroy all of our MRI, CT and X-ray machines,” explained Lea. Eh, just join in.

Shaun’s friend only had 24 hours to trace the chain of attacks and retrieve the hospital’s records. “Otherwise, we might as well toss every computer we have in the trash,” she said. She pulled through one night, performed a high risk (or something) server operation, and saved the day – just seconds before Glassman approved the bitcoin transfer. In return, Shaun’s father figure thanked Lea for her hard work and invited her to his weekly poker game. (I would have offered her a raise, but that’s just me.)

When the clock was ticking, Shaun gave Lea the much-needed assurance. She was 95 percent sure she could defeat the hackers, but the possibility of failure made her extremely nervous. In an effort to relate to her predicament, Dr. Murphy said he was never sure that surgery would go according to plan. There is always a chance that something could go wrong, and that has to be okay.

Obviously, the encouragement talk worked.

Shaun worked with Claire and Olivia on an inspirational cancer survivor who became a philanthropist with a dark secret: He didn’t actually lose his leg to cancer – he was a scam. When he was 22 years old, he lost his limb in a motorcycle accident but kept up the lie to inspire others to help those in need and (ugh) benefit from his philanthropy. When the truth came to the press, Lim assumed Claire was doing it and pulled her out of the case, only to have Olivia come forward and get fired. But when it turned on, Olivia wasn’t the whistleblower. She just wanted out of her residence.

In the parking lot, Olivia Andrews stated that she never wanted to be a doctor, but everyone in her life, including her uncle, was so damn persistent. Olivia finally got through to him. Andrews was now the whistleblower! He knew the patient was a scam but didn’t expect Lim to blame Claire. And he certainly did not expect that this would lead to his niece being fired.

As for Lim, the chief of surgery went to Claire’s apartment with a pint of salted caramel ice cream to apologize for her recent behavior. Claire accepted the peace offer and let her in. Friendship has been restored!

And so we don’t forget the other case of the week … With the help of Park, Jordan, and Asher, Morgan successfully orchestrated a multiple chain organ transplant and saved the life of patient Jamie with terminal liver disease.

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