Good Girls Recap: Beth Under Fire – Will She Get Burned?


In last week’s Good Girls, Beth took a big step when she finally met the boss’s boss and left a bug in the process. (What do you say about playing with fire again?)

Although she seemed to make a good first impression on Rio’s grandma, we know that Beth will not climb the criminal career ladder easily, nor will she get rid of intelligence agents Phoebe and Dave anytime soon. What can a girl do when she is constantly caught in the middle? Keep playing on both sides. Here’s what happened on Sunday’s episode titled “Carolyn With a Y”.

The women stand in front of Dave when he questions them like condescending parents. He thinks Beth “screwed the target” and he’s not happy. She tries to deny it, but of course a wire doesn’t lie. (For anyone who wants to know the juicy details, they didn’t go all the way, but there were definitely some rounded bases.) Aside from tissues, the wire in Grandma’s bedroom is still hot, so surgery is still a breeze.

In the Hills, Stan has one important rule when it comes to their fake bag game: Beth can’t know about it. She does everything about her, he says, so he doesn’t want her anywhere near his new trick. Since Beth doesn’t tell Ruby everything (such as the deeds about her steamy connections), Ruby’s game is to keep this on the DL.

Annie meets Gregg for coffee and learns that he wants to pull Ben out of his glamorous private school. After Taylor Swift herself shows up at a birthday party of Ben’s friends, the two parents decide he shouldn’t grow up believing that the rich lifestyle that surrounds him is actually real life. (Though Annie is curious about the setlist for Tay’s impromptu gig. Girl asks the right questions here!)

Rio tells Beth that they have a problem. He pulls out one of the John Grisham novels and immediately puts Beth on the alert. “Grandma is upset that you missed dessert,” he says. He has to do something, and it can’t be done by Beth, Ruby, or Annie, and it has to be done by a mother. Phoebe comes in. She may not have children, but she does have some professional skills that can help her accomplish this particular undercover assignment. The women help the agent familiarize herself with her new mother personality. They teach them that children under the age of two are always reported in months. They smash cereal in their purse and claim, “Now it’s a mothers bag!” You are furious when the agent calls “pickup” a “school pickup”. After completing the fun prep assembly, Phoebe is ready to go.

The women and Phoebe (now with “Carolyn with a Y”) meet in the diner with Rio. Dave planted ears in a salt shaker on the table, but when it comes to talking, Rio (of course) wants to move … to Carolyn’s house. They stop in front of a house in the suburbs, and when Phoebe tries to pretend she can’t find her keys, Rio knocks loudly on the door. Dave answers in a bathrobe, feigning anger at the disturbance.

Rio plays with her mind a little before telling “Carolyn” that he’s going to bring her a travel bag, and she has to hold on to it until he needs it again. She will earn a holding fee in return. Rio leaves and the women think it’s finally over. You let him speak on a wire, right? Dave comes back in to burst everyone’s bubble. He didn’t have time to wire up the house he’d borrowed. The cat and mouse game continues!

Later, Stan is upset that Ruby bailed out her proposed plan to haggle her handbags. Despite making money quickly, he worries that he hasn’t made enough to appease Gene.

Talking to Ben helps Annie conclude that Nancy and Gregg are having money problems, hence the real reason Gregg wants Ben to leave school. That information shouldn’t make Annie squeal with delight, but she does. Who can blame her when she has had to deal with Nancy’s infinite condescension over the past few years?

Ruby asks Annie and Beth if they can save six grams. Reluctantly, she tells them about her and Stan’s operation, and prompts Beth to ask why she hasn’t told them before. Beth fears that if the Secret Service finds out about Ruby’s sideline, it could affect the deal they have on the table.

The next day, Rio asks Beth in his car at close range if Carolyn has been fed. Unsurprisingly, he’d found the bug. Beth reaches for the door handle, but he tells her to stop and open the glove compartment instead. “Give it to me,” he says. The “it” is a weapon, but instead of locking Beth, he puts it in a special compartment hidden behind the center console. Rio and Beth bring the travel bag to Phoebe, but when she brings it to Dave, they find $ 300 worth of costume jewelry in it. “You screwed up, Carolyn,” says Dave.

Gene is impressed with how much money Ruby and Stan made, but instead of giving them a cut, he says he’s reinvesting the profits in their new company … and he doesn’t want to let them out. Back in her car, Ruby officially had it. “That fool is going under,” she says.

The last scene of the episode is limited to the conversation between Rio and Beth in his car. He says she has an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. She notes that either way she is damned. He asks, “So what will it be?”

Will Beth ever face Rio and how will Stan and Ruby get out of Gene? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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