Good Doctor Recap: Tragedy Strikes


Warning: The following contains spoilers from the May 10th episode of ABC’s Good Doctor.

The Good Doctor’s Shaun and Lea suffered an unimaginable loss on Monday when Lea miscarried five months after their pregnancy.

The episode started the day after Lea’s collapse. Her obstetrician had determined that by the end of episode 15 her anxiety was most likely due to pain in the round ligament – a common occurrence during pregnancy, Claire pointed out – but Shaun wasn’t convinced.

“Complications and miscarriages are also normal,” he said. “Leas OB didn’t consider every possibility,” so he compiled a list of all the negative complications that could affect Lea or Baby Girl Murphy.

Lea was ultimately diagnosed with Type II Vasa Previa and had to undergo surgery to prevent a possible rupture that would kill the baby. Since Shaun was unable to intervene due to a conflict of interest, Claire took the lead and worked with Dr. Lim and Allen. The operation was a success, but Lea developed a pulmonary embolism as she recovered. She would need an additional procedure to break the clot and save the fetus.

Unfortunately, the baby’s heart rate had slowed and her lungs weren’t responding to steroids. Lea had also developed a second clot that had gone undetected on the first scan. The baby couldn’t be saved. Claire brought the heartbreaking news to Shaun, who then went to bring the news to Lea. He didn’t say anything, but didn’t have to. Lea saw the expression on his face and immediately burst into tears.

The following afternoon, Lim visited Shaun and Lea and assured Lea that nothing she could have done would have changed the outcome. And while it’s probably the last thing they think about right now, Lim told Lea that she could get pregnant in the future if she and Shaun tried again.

Lea eventually underwent a D&C, a surgical procedure under general anesthesia, to remove the unborn child. When the episode ended, she and Shaun returned home and sat on the couch, emotionally exhausted after a harrowing few days.

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