Godzilla Vs. Kong’s director gets honest about toys that spoil the movie

In any case, Godzilla vs. Kong is out now, so people know how Mechagodzilla fits right into the cinematic picture. Within the MonsterVerse continuity, the mechanical Titan was built by Apex Cybernetics and operated by Ren Serizawa using a neural uplink through the skull of one of Ghidorah’s heads. Walter Simmons, CEO of Apex, intended to use Mechagodzilla to destroy the titans of the earth and restore the dominance of humanity. However, after the robot was fully charged with the energy of the hollow earth, it overcame its programming and became a villain. Fortunately, Godzilla and King Kong put their differences aside and team up to defeat Mechagodzilla before it can wreak havoc on Hong Kong. Unless someone in this universe has the good idea of ​​making Mechagodzilla 2.0, we don’t have to worry about this threat recurring.

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