Girls5eva Premiere: Grade Peacocks musical comedy produced by Tina Fey


If you’ve seen the premiere of Peacock’s new musical comedy Girls5eva, it means that you’ve likely got a certain catchy catchy tune on your mind that may stay there.

The series’ all-star cast, created by Meredith Scardino (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and produced by 30 Rocks Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, includes Sara Bareilles (waitress on Broadway), Renée Elise Goldsberry (The Good Woman, Hamilton on Broadway) and Paula Pell (AP Bio, SNL) and Busy Philipps (Cougar Town) as remaining members of a one-hit Wonder 90s girl group. (Her fifth singer – played in flashbacks of Emily in Paris’s Ashley Park – died in an accident.)

Her single “Famous 5eva” was a hit in 1999, but the fame didn’t really last. Bareilles’ Dawn is now a woman and mother who is in the middle of her first mammogram when she hears the familiar track sampled in rapper Lil Stinker’s new song. Dawn visits her creepy ex-manager Larry (Jonathan Hadary of Veep) to collect her meager royalties and is tricked into hand-delivering the rest of the checks to her former bandmates. First up is the sweet-but-cloudy summer (Philipps), whose boyband husband Kev (Andrew Rannells from Black Monday) doesn’t come home from his job in Florida until the 31st of every month that has one of them. Formerly withdrawn Gloria (Pell) is a successful dentist who has the honor of being half of the first gay couple in New York state to get divorced. Then there is Wickie (Goldsberry), a “Fempire” mega-mogul who left the group abruptly and exudes fabulousness with every word.

When Lil Stinker books an appearance on The Tonight Show, Girls5eva is called to perform by his side. Even Vicky agrees to see her again and shocks her confused bandmates. The high of getting back on stage makes the ladies think they should tour with Lil Stinker, but he doesn’t want to remind them how ephemeral fame is. Then Larry informs Wickie and Dawn that the music industry has closed its doors to women over 35.

After bringing the bad news to Summer and Gloria, an angry Wickie rushes off in the middle of dinner. Dawn refuses to be abandoned by her friend and confronts Wickie in her … very simple hotel room. Wickie’s glamorous Instagram is actually a complete lie – I’m positively shocked, I tell you! – and the life she thought owed because of her amazing voice never really came about. Vicky doesn’t even own a jet; She works at the airport and shoots geese. But airports aren’t all gloomy: when a TSA agent recognizes the group (and gives Wickie the pass to drink her water bra), Wickie realizes that she and her friends don’t need Lil Stinker or Larry to get theirs back activate life. The Girls5eva reunion is officially open!

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