G Herbo addresses fraud allegations within the new Music Assertion: Hear

G Herbo shared a new song called "Statement". Earlier this month, the rapper was charged with federal fraud. He then pleaded not guilty to all charges and, in his new song, maintains his innocence. "Let's talk about this paper / Let's talk about these jets," he raps. "Yes, let's talk about Jamaica / Yes, ask for me, I've never been a scam." Check out the video for Herbo's new single.

G Herbo's allegations included escalating identity theft, as well as helping and endorsing a major fraud program. Herbo was named along with a number of other suspected employees. The 14-point indictment alleges that defendants defrauded numerous companies and individuals by "possessing, using, and transmitting unauthorized and stolen payment and card account information" in order to "obtain valuable goods and services." The goods and services listed in the document include private jet charters, exotic rental cars, designer puppies, and more.

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