Friday The 13th And 5 Different Horror Film Franchises Stephen King Ought to Take Over

The Conjuring Universe

Another revived Hollywood trend with a few creative hiccups is the shared cinematic universe concept, which is what unexpectedly happened with James Wan’s fact-based haunted house flick The Conjuring. The initial film has been followed by sequels and spin-offs that, with a few debatable exceptions, only declined over time regarding believability and genuine suspense. Believe it or not, many Stephen King stories were inspired by actual people, places, and events that he morphed into horrifying fantasies, such as Colorado’s Stanley Hotel that sparked the idea for The Shining, or serial killer John Wayne Gacy inspiring Pennywise’s clownish appearance in It. Maybe instead of aiming to recreate the paranormal careers of Ed and Lorraine Warren, King would be able to craft wholly original horror tales that only thematically tie into real-world situations, which would potentially open up a whole new world of creative freedom for the future of the Conjuring Universe.

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