Flag Animated Sequence Eyed at Fox


Polish up the magnifying glass and get ready to solve a murder: Fox is developing an animated series based on the popular detective board game Clue, which the network announced on Thursday.

The series, which "shows the exciting and suspenseful dynamic that has made Clue a global sensation for more than seven decades", comes from the entertainment studio eOne of the game manufacturer Hasbro, for whose animation Bento Box Entertainment (Bob & # 39; s Burgers) cares. No authors or actors have been added yet.

First introduced in 1949, the clue board game focuses on a murder during a dinner party. Players solve clues to determine which of the six party's guests committed the crime, where the crime took place, and what they used as their murder weapon. The game inspired a 1985 film with Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, and Martin Mull with three different endings that became a cult classic.

“'Colonel Mustard … at the Conservatory … with the lead pipe.' If you just hear these colorful sentences, you will immediately know what they mean – and leave no mystery as to why Clue is one of the most popular Board games are all about IP, "said Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn in a statement." We couldn't be more excited to join eOne and Bento Box as an animated series. "

Clue participates in a number of other Hasbro and eOne board game television series announced in recent months, including an adaptation of the classic war game Risk, where the house of cards creator Beau Willimon writes and oversees the project, as well a new live series action against the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.

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